Electrical Contractors Should Move Forward into 2015 with Confidence!

In ramblings by David Parden

It takes a lot more than being a good electrician to be a successful owner of an electrical contracting company. There are a million and one great electricians out there. If you want to succeed as an electrical contractor you have to set yourself apart from the pack because just like good electricians there are a million and one good electrical contractors out there!

You cannot be a good electrical contractor without profitable jobs. They key to winning jobs is being a great sales person and a good estimator! In order to be a be a great sales person you have to have confidence in your estimate when you are being scoped out by a potential client. Show any hesitation and your proposal will be trashed quicker than you can say contract. If you want to succeed as an electrical contractor forget your hand tools and put on your business person hat.

If you are reading this chances are you have already either became an electrical contractor or are contemplating it. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot be as successful or even more successful than the electrical contractor you look up to the most.

DBP Electrical Consulting has the ability without a doubt to help you reach your goal as an electrical contractor. We have successfully estimated, negotiated , contracted, and taught clients the ends and outs our industry for years. We don’t just talk a good game. Every year we estimate tens of millions of dollars worth of electrical work for our clients and we can teach you to do it too.

We can teach you how to present your company in a professional manner, how to talk to the general contractor’s estimator to get the inside track on the project, and how to get the last look after the bids are in and tabulated. It’s not all about having the low bid!

We will teach you how to confidently estimate the project from start to finish. Estimating isa process and the process is the same no matter if you are bidding a ten thousand or ten million dollar project. We will teach you how to write a professional proposal and be confident when the tough questions start coming in on bid day. We will also teach you how to deal with those pesky supply houses. We will also teach you how to set your estimates up so that you have a management document once the contract is signed.

The recession is over and business is booming! Contractor growth is currently limited by manpower and that relates to dollars for you since there is more work out there than there are companies to handle it. The reason for this shortage of man power is because many electricians left the field to pursue other opportunities in the great recession of 2008 and the effects are still lingering today. If your company can perform and do the work there is no reason why you cannot get in on the millions of dollars being spent on construction in your area.

If you are or want to be an electrical contractor forget about being an electrician and concentrate on being a great salesman and business person. Selling your business is the key to success! There are only 2,080 hours in a year you can wear your tools without killing yourself working over time. (If that is what you want to do you are better off working for the man!) You know your industry, so hire the personnel to work with the tools. You need to concentrate on selling your company and banking the dollars!

My name is David Parden and if you want to learn more about how I can help you succeed contact me today. My contact information is on the bottom of this page.