DBP Electrical Consulting is proud to announce it’s release of the professional development electrical estimating manual, Beyond the Math: The Electrical Estimating Process. The idea behind this manual is to open the reader up to concepts he or she may not have considered. With the purchase of this manual, you will also receive one hour of phone consultation to help you begin your process for estimating jobs.

Workshop Training & Personalized Training

Did your electrical estimator quit with little or no notice? Does your new estimator need a little grooming? Could your current estimator (even if he isn’t new) use some professional polish? Are you new to electrical contracting and find yourself in lost in the estimating department? Do you need some concrete advice, some professional polish, or an estimating education in a hurry? If you answered “YES” to any (or all) of these questions, DBP Electrical Consulting can help!

Our personalized Electrical Estimating Training will give you the skills and confidence needed to tackle the most complex electrical estimating project. At DBP Consulting, we make our living estimating for others, so we know how it is done. Our approach to electrical estimating works for us, and it can work for you as well.

DBP Electrical Consulting has an approach to electrical estimating that is unique because of the material we present. You can spend your time learning to use a particular piece of estimating software – you can even get good at it. But electrical estimating software is just a small piece of the professional electrical estimator. At DBP Consulting, we can give you that AND the rest of the pieces and teach you how to put them together. We can train you to be an effective electrical estimator and give you the confidence to go forth and succeed!

At DBP Electrical Consulting, our approach to electrical estimator training is different from what you will typically find on the internet. If you want to become a highly skilled professional electrical estimator, then webinars and on-line classes just won’t work. You need one-on-one, hands-on, in-depth, specialized help, and we provide just that. We will teach you about the intangibles of electrical estimating. We will go in depth about dealing with contractors, electrical supply houses, lighting representatives and others and establishing relationships with these people that will go beyond what we affectionately call the “quote of the week.” We will cover the specific topics listed below, but we will also take into consideration the human aspect of our craft. Electrical estimating is a science, but electrical estimators are more than just estimating machines. Estimators are first and foremost salesmen who often are the front line representative for their organizations. Don’t you want your estimator (especially if it is YOU!) to make a first class impression?

DBP Electrical Consulting’s Electrical Estimator Class is a two-day workshop held at YOUR facility. (Actually, we can host the class in beautiful Pensacola Florida if you prefer, but most electrical contractors like us to come to them!) During our two-day workshop, you will be given information and tools on all the topics listed below. WE ARE NOT A SOFTWARE SALESMAN!! WE WILL NOT TRAIN YOU ON ANY SPECIFIC SOFTWARE ESTIMATION PROGRAM. What we will do is introduce you to a sound fundamental approach to the electrical estimating process. The process we teach in our workshop is scalable and will make you a more successful estimator. The class will use a PowerPoint presentation format, a workbook (that you can keep for future reference), and a knowledgeable and experienced estimator as a trainer. This workshop is ideal for individuals new to electrical estimating, business owners looking to take that next step up in the industry, and estimators looking for new ideas to make them more effective in today’s economic climate. In order to tailor our training to your unique requirements, we ask that you schedule your class 45 days in advance!

Potential Topics Covered

1. What you are responsible for as an estimator
2. Getting Organized
3. Tools Necessary to Perform the Job
4. Sources of potential projects
5. Evaluating a potential project to bid
6. Discovering the project’s electrical scope of work
7. Composing a scope letter
8. Getting to know the key players
9. Copy Schedules & Specifications
10. Counting major deliverables for supplier and sub-contractor quotes
11. Soliciting bids from suppliers and sub-contractors
12. Preparing a bill of material for supplier quotes
13. Take-off techniques & counting commodities
14. Evaluating supplier and sub-contractor quote
15. Calculating Overhead and Labor Burden
16. Capping a project
17. Submitting the bid
18. Bid Day Follow-up

We look forward to helping you with your Electrical Estimating Needs.

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