DBP Electrical Consulting in Alberta Canada

In ramblings by David Parden

By David Parden

Recently DBP Electrical Consulting provided estimator training to Apex Power & Automation at their Lethbridge AB office. It was our first venture outside of the United States to provide training and in some ways it was as enlightening for us as it was for them. The workshop was a basic three day estimating class which covered the fundamentals of estimating designed for a new estimator.

I flew into Calgary and after an unexpected encounter with Canada’s Department of Immigration I was in the country. Word of caution! I was under the impression that you only needed a work VISA if you intended to have an extended stay and I believed a letter of invitation from my customer would be sufficient to get in the country but that is not the case but luckily I was able to purchase the work permit in the airport thanks to NAFTA.

 Has anyone outside of Canada heard of Tim Hortons? I certainly had not.  It is sort of like a cross between Krispy Kreme and Starbucks and they are everywhere! Even the small towns have them. I just read online where they are in the US but I have no idea where. My next bit of cultural enlightenment came in the form of a dish called pountine not to be mistaken for poontang although similar in some respects. Actually it was quite tasty dish that consisted of French fries, gravy, cheese curd, and meat. If you go to Alberta you have to try Alberta Beef. It’s all natural and it really does make a difference.

The Canadian people I experienced were very friendly and helpful! We have all known people who were from Canada and I think we as Americans sort of take them for granted like maybe they are a 51st state but they have  distinct culture and are very proud of their heritage as they should be.

The economy in Canada seems to be in better shape than that of the US and I am excited about the prospect of working there in the future! I really appreciate the opportunity that Steve Schafer and John Krall gave me by bringing me up