What does your email address say about you?

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What does your email address say about you? Recently I sent out a bunch of emails announcing the opening of DBP Electrical Consulting where I talked about our electrical estimating service and electrical contractor training programs, most of them were addressed to electrical contractors. As I addressed my emails I was amazed at some of the addresses I saw.

I understand some people do not want to have their own web-site but I think in today‚Äôs age that is a mistake especially since there are so many phone books and more and more people turn to the web first. If you are going to take the time to read your email and put your email address out there for people to find such as business cards and trade organizations I think you should take the time to think about what it says. Do you really want your customers sending email to [email protected]?

Everything you do as an electrical contractor is under scrutiny. An email address like the one above screams unprofessional and leaves the sender with the impression that perhaps the person they are sending the email to is not particularly tech savvy. A lot of times your email address is the first contact people have with you so is this really the impression you want to give them?

If you decide to register your own domain (website) so you can have your email address at your own dot com think about your domain before you register it. If your company has your last name in it and it is hard to spell perhaps you should consider something more generic. Try to avoid long names and be especially careful about having the same two letters beside each other. If someone misspells your name there is a very good chance you will send them to your competition.

If you are using email for your business and I expect most everyone does create one that is professional even if you are using a yahoo or gmail account. Keep it simple and easy to remember!