Outsourcing Electrical Estimating could be a homerun!

In Electrical Contracting Articles, ramblings by David Parden

Electrical Contractors who choose to outsource at least some of their estimating work load has a unique advantage over electrical contractors that do not! Outsourcing electrical estimating enables electrical contractors to bid on more projects and as everyone who is in the electrical business today knows it is more of a numbers game than ever before!

 Suppose a general contractor who you have done many projects with in the past ask your company to bid a large project and you know it will take your estimator a week to bid. You also have an opportunity to bid four smaller projects during the same week. Are your odds any greater for landing the larger project than the four smaller ones? The answer is obviously no but by bidding the four smaller projects you have increased your overall odds of landing at least one project.

It would be unwise to not estimate the large project because you have a history with the GC. If you don’t go to bat for him on this project you may not get the opportunity on the next project! You simply need to quote them all. How are you going to do it? Your estimator is most likely already being pushed beyond his comfort zone to estimate more due to the economic situation. Do you risk a costly mistake on a tight bid due to burnout and fatigue?

The answer seems obvious! Outsource the project or projects you feel most comfortable with letting a independent estimator quote for you. DBP Electrical Consulting is prepared to be your pinch hitter today!