DBP Electrical Consulting on Working Beyond the Border

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DBP Electrical Consulting continues to expand its reach beyond our base of operations located in Loveland Colorado. Recently DBP Electrical Consulting had the honor of working for Kevin Constable with Keen Ltd of Bermuda. We put together an estimate for the King Edward Memorial Hospital project floors three, four, and five.

It was very interesting to see how an electrical contractor on a remote island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean operates. We here on the main land thought getting material and reliable labor was tough. We have it easy compared to what Kevin goes through on a daily basis.

Alfonso Funaro with Kinetic Electric of Edmonton Alberta Canada is another client we work with regularly. Judging by the map Edmonton is another city located far from what many of us would consider the civilized world. In order to get labor in Edmonton you have to compete with the oil fields of the north located near Fort McMurray where electricians are paid well and live in man camps which means their cost of living is low. Winters are tough way up in Canada and so are the electricians. If you ask Al he would tell you that he doesn’t feel like he is on the edge of the world but in reality there just isn’t that much located north of Edmonton.

Another client we have worked with far from the lower forty eight is Billie Dempsey with Udelhoven Oilfield Systems Services in Nikiski Alaska. Udelhoven works primarily at the Kenai Refinery. Together we have successfully landed many large industrial projects. Billie faces many of the obstacles that Kevin and Al face with material procurement and labor.

I am sure if you asked any of the previously mentioned clients they would tell you that they love what they do and where they do it. I left my home in Alabama in 2001 to estimate for a company remotely located in Las Cruces New Mexico right on the Mexican border in the middle of the desert. I remember many days feeling like I was living in a desolate outpost far from anywhere but I still loved it. Working in such places has its own unique set of challenges but the payoff is living in a wonderful world not spoiled by over population, pollution, or crime. My home today is located in such a place. Loveland Colorado has just one town between it and the vast expanse known as Wyoming. There is no place I would rather be!