2011 The Year that was and 2012 What Could Be

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As I sit here in my office on these final days of 2011 I have been reflecting on the year that was and thinking about what 2012 might look like. Below are a few observations I have made and what I think could happen in 2012.

 From what I was able to ascertain dealing with clients from all over the USA there was some improvement with the economy in pockets of the country. Most of our work came from the Northeast and while the contractors weren’t getting the margins they needed they did have plenty of work to bid on in that part of the country. Rural areas where the booming economy of the previous decade by in large passed them by appeared to chug along as it always has, nothing to get excited about just steady. Areas that experienced high growth in the previous economy such as the Colorado Front Range where I reside or places like Las Vegas or Florida continue to struggle.

 Many have suggested that the economy saw its downfall prior to 2008 and while I cannot argue with their statistics I did not personally recognize it until the summer 2008 leading up to the previous presidential election. It was at that point that the politicians from both major parties began to demagogue the economy for political gain. Uncertainty became be rule of the day. Obviously there was a huge chain of events that brought us to our current situation.

 My fear for 2012 is that we find ourselves once again in an election year. I expect the politicians will once again play god with the economy and business will continue to suffer. As much as it pains me to say this I think we are in for another flat year. Survival will be the name of the game.  I hope I am wrong about this prediction!