A. No, we work on a per job basis. You will be required to sign a Service Agreement that is only binding when we work together.

A. We will give you an approximate quote based on the anticipated hours to complete the estimate. Our service is much cheaper than hiring an estimator!

A. The quickest way is to either email the files to us or send us a link where we can access the files. Otherwise you will need to send them via a courier service such as UPS or Fed-Ex.

A. As much as possible. We will tell you after reviewing the bid documents if we have time to complete the estimate before the bid date.

A. Typically the day before the stated bid date on the bid documents unless you specifically ask for them sooner. This request must be given prior to issuing of the Service Agreement.

A. Absolutely! We will never divulge any of your information and only provide the quote for a particular project to one client based on a first come first serve basis

A. We use both Maxwell Systems Estimation and ConEst.

A. You will be provided with a bill of material for all major quot-ables, a list of required sub contractors,  a professionally written scope letter tailored to the specific job, a take-off summary report generated by either Estimation or ConEst, and a job recap sheet.

A. Payment is due upon completion on the work. We accept checks and payments through Paypal.

A. Definitely! We specialize in helping contractors become more industry savvy. We offer both electrical estimator training and electrical contractor development.

Please feel free to contact us either via phone or email with any other questions you may have!