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DBP Electrical Consulting LLC provides electrical estimating services and training for the electrical industry in the United States and Canada. We are based in Loveland Colorado, about an hour north of Denver.

Electrical Estimating Services

Whether you are looking for a full time electrical estimating company, or an estimate on an as need basis, DBP Electrical Consulting is here to service your needs. We use state of the art estimating software to generate our quotes and we have a tested process from start to finish. We value our clients and pledge to always maintain our client’s confidentiality and confidence! If you have an immediate need, email your plans or send us the link for your plans to david@costclass.com for a quick quote on the cost to provide a professional electrical estimate.

DBP Electrical Consulting provides electrical contractors, general contractors, engineers, architects, and end users with reliable electrical construction estimates.

Local Projects Currently Out for Bid

December 19 – 3301 Mixed Use – Denver CO
December 13 – CSP Academy Vestibule Addition – Golden CO
December 8 – McGlone ES Addition & Middle School Renovation – Denver CO
December 8 – Adams County Fire Station 14 BalconyDenver CO
December 7 – Aurora Fire Station15 – Aurora CO
November 21 – SummitStone 29th Tenant Buildout – Loveland CO
November 17 – Clement Park, Phase II – Littleton CO
October 27 – Town and Wellness Center Remodels – Loveland CO

DBP Electrical Consulting provides electrical contractors, general contractors, engineers, architects, and end users with reliable electrical construction estimates.

More On DBP Electrical Consulting

In today’s economy having a independent electrical estimator provides a number of benefits. For Electrical Contractors it means being able to bid that extra job that you might otherwise have to pass on due to time constraints, or perhaps it provides a means to lower the overhead cost, of having an on-staff electrical estimator. General contractors can benefit from having a non-biased estimate to give them confidence that their bid day quotes are reasonable. Engineers and Architects benefit from knowing that their designs are within the end users budget. DBP Electrical Consulting can provide the end user with the peace on mind that comes from knowing their project has been scrutinized by a second set of eyes and that value-engineering ideas have been considered.

In addition to our electrical estimating service DBP Electrical Consulting provides a non-bias change order dispute resolution service. Working as an independent electrical estimator DBPEC will opine on cost associated with the change only, not entitlement. We can provide all parties involved in the dispute with actual material cost and man-hours required to perform the change.

For more information about our experience and the software we use to produce our estimates please visit the About page on this website.

Do you wonder how the process works? It’s simple. After you sign and return our Service Agreement  (per estimate basis) you make the bid documents available to DBPEC. We will provide you with a bill of material (see example below) and relevant specification for your major quot-ables such as light fixtures and switchgear. If you provide us with your standardized forms, we will assemble these bills of material on them for supplier quotes. We can distribute the bills of material to your supplier quotes or send them to you for distribution. We will create a list of work you will need to solicit sub contractors to perform. If you prefer we can search these sub contractors out for you and solicit the necessary quotes. When the take-off is complete we will give you a computerized summary (see the example below). This summary will be bucketed so after you win the bid you can easily convert it to a workable budget. In addition to a bucketed summary you will have a total for all buckets in the form of man hours and material dollars for quick insertion in your top sheet. We will also  provide you with a list of inclusions and exclusions for insertion into your proposal. We can provide a turnkey quote on a professionally written scope letter if you prefer.

As you can see it will be quite easy to keep DBP Electrical Consulting estimating service anonymous by simply allowing us to work behind the scene.

You as the contractor will be responsible for providing us in a timely manner with all addendums, suppliers where you have accounts, and preferred sub contractors. We will also need to know what specialized equipment you own and what you will need to rent such as trenchers and lifts. You will also be responsible for understanding and knowing the scope and whether you company has the resources to perform the project.

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sdsadsaBill of Material Example

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DBP Electrical Consulting LLC has the highest level of peer review for services provided as a consulting firm by CERT (Consulting Estimators Round Table) – VCEF (Validated Consulting Estimating Firm).

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